Tuesday, November 25

Humidity fry my manners. Excuse my bad English.

Notice the weather nowdays?

The inconsistency of heat and humid with cold and rainy had taken its toll. I felt fever-ish these past few days, and a few nights of tossing and turning as we refuse to use the air-cond too often. And when we do (turn on the air cond) it will start to rain and I would have cold blue feet and we both will be too lazy to get up to turn it off.

I've been tag, again. I think. First time from Chics. Love her blog, the amount of explicit forbidden words are tremendous and the stories are well-written.

So, here goes..

1. Do you think you are HOT?
Is this a trick question? Well, let see. The problem with this question is that it is too subjective. I can’t see why I don’t think myself as not hot. Hehe. I always believe that I am someone attractive despise my grown up tissues problem.. (dah gemok kate je la kan..)

The correct question would be..

a. Guys always ask for my phone number
b. I have more than 2 exes. I never stayed single for too long.
c. People always ask me whether I am mixed, or am I actually a Muslim convert.
d. I look good in anything. Everything.
e. I look good when I put my make up on.

But then again, all stated above can be fictions when;

a. The guys that asking for your phone number is actually asking your friend’s
b. If you considered 3 dates as a relationship span.
c. People always ask me whether I am mixed, or truly Bumiputera ( Boyan or Banjar)
d. Well, I look good in clothes. But do I?
e. Off make-up face will reveals the real me; sloppy, uneven skin tone and acne marks.

But if you sincerely think that un-groom - physical with extra gear around the waist, HOT. So, yeah. I’m sizzling..

2. Upload a fav pic of you

Ok. This is quiet hard to choose as I have so many favourite pictures. But most favourite would definitely this one.

3. Why do you like this picture?
The picture taken on my Birthday early this year. A lot of friends came and we had fun..(Mally broke one of the Nellie's bamboo fence..haha..) Plus this picture conceal my gemukness and the hat is hot! Bling-bling..
4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
The day I am discharge from SJMC. A New York Beef Crust ke ape. Most importantly, delicious and satisfying.

5. The last song you listen to?
Justin Timberlake – Summer Love. From youtube. I don’t know why but lately I’m craving for pretty boys’songs.

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Trying to lower my heart rate to normal pace. I’ve seen my boss earlier, for a brief meeting about the account statement. I am not good with numbers.Scared me shitless. Lesson learned. Have to be extra prepared next time.

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Name? like to name myself? I have a few..

a. Hana (I have a friend named Hana and she is so gorgeous and sweet..)
b. Kuntum (Exotic bukan? Hahaha..)

8. People to tag (tiada paksaan y’all)
a. Ena Ekk
b. Mally
c. Kematz
d. Jasfyra
e. Banksy
f. Aedie
g. Eddie NH
h. Fauzi

9. Who is no.1
My colleague and a hard working partner.

10. No.3 is having relationship with?
His camera and his internet connection. Babe? Who knows. Ask him yourself.

11. Say something about no.5
Banksy is a good friend of mine. We have been friends since 1 Amanah 1995 in Sri Aman and she never failed to send me Raya Card every year. Thanks Banksy.

12. How about no.4?
A juicy mummy whom I became closed during the 4th semester for Diploma. A nice mannered lady that shares the same view with me. And.. I’ve done a grand presentation about Petrosains with her, along with few other friends.

13. Who is no.2
A close friend, a maskulin-fan, a selfworshiper, a shopping maniac, classmate.

Doing tag is fun! Huhu.
Anyway, a friend of mine going to have a BBQ party over her house this weekend; but I have a road trip to Melaka at the same time.
Can you reschedule? Or maybe have the BBQ at Melaka instead? Cannot meh?

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