Monday, December 1

Melaka Trip and BBQ @ Nida's

Saturday, 8.00 am

Woke up early and anxiously waiting for Adam arrival; Cical and Haris informed that they want to meet us halfway (maybe at one of the RnR) to have a quick breakfast.

RnR Awan Besar, 10-ish
Arrived with flocking of crowds. Damn. How ignorance of us to understated the school holidays. There is barely a place to seat and there are no signs of Cical and Haris. We figured they overslept(later, we got to know that Haris the one whose causing the delay) and carry on with our trip after we have a heavy nasi lemak with rendang breakfast.

Pak Tam's Residence; Masjid Tanah, 11.30 am

Got lost for a mere minutes, thanks to our own kilometer-calculator-talking-machine, Mazlly. Hehe. Actually I'm the one whose holding the map, and I'm a little bit confuse when it comes to narrowed roads. But after a while, we manage to find the track back and it takes us around 15-20 minutes from the PLUS Toll Exit Simpang Ampat to Pak Tam's place.

Let me tell you about Pak Tam. He and Ana dated for several years back when we were in UiTM for diploma. He is a housemates for my husband and a few other classmates during that years, except for my husband. He is the only one in that house studying in the same course but from a different class.

Pak Tam got his nickname from his dark features. It is as dark as dark should be. Hehe. He used to get tease by his extra masculinity. Hence, he's an honest man, speak what's his mind say and he likes to clean.

We have a wonderful time at thier wedding and the food was superb. It comes to me later, that Pak Tam do not hire a caterer, his auntie (I think) cook those delicious foods.

Ana and PakTam during thier wedding at Melaka

They wore a combination of gold and chocolate songket with a labucci for Ana's dress. They look breathtakingly beautiful that day. After they have arrived and there's a pantun moment (its a Melaka must) and had thier lunch, they changed to a nice creamy tuxedo and a dress for cake cutting ceremony.

I can never imagine these two can be so gorgeous together..but they did that very day

Cake. Sedaappp..

People start excusing themselves and its times for....




Pengkalan Balak, 3-ish pm.


Photo Time!! Mind you, we are the one who are excited for this. Pak Tam and Ana decide to have thier picture taken along the beach, which is just 10 minutes car-ride from Pak Tam's place.

The weather is so hot; the sun rays like it just above the head. But for you Pak Tam and Ana, we ignore the bliss of aircond for a while; just to take part (ke menyibuk?) for the poses and posing with our own camera too..

The Crew

After an hour (or is it half an hour? time flies faster when we had fun) of posing, we are back to Pak Tam's place and Aleng together with Mazlly do some photo-transfering.

Talk about technology-savvy.

I cant remember what happen on our way back to Subang; as I slept through the journey and woke up for a quick drink at Seremban with Haris and Cical. We sat for an hour, more or else discussing the next best trip outside Malaysia.

Although being the only girl (ke gigirl) in this trip but I dont felt left out at all. They dont talk about cars (as much) and politics but of course the short trip reminded us of holidays and how it felt to have one together.

Cical, please do the quotation. Pretty please...

we are all salivatingly excited with your stories and experiences plus you have done quite a search for more information about it. I know someone who is already calculating his budget and doing his shopping list. Hehe.

**Next, cuti-cuti Malaysia (background sound in.. fade out.)**

BBQ at Nida's, 8-ish at Kelana Jaya
Well, meeting with my girls will never be boring; depite the overcook lamb and chicken legs done by Nida's brother, Amin (lain kali kene blaja tune api ye sayang oii..) we had our fun, yo.

p/s: The rest of the pictures are here.

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