Saturday, November 8

Muhasabah and solace..

First, I would like to thank all of you who have emailed me regarding the MKD. It is quite a shocker; seeing there are people still interested in MKD after reading my jittery-saiko entry. Hehe..

I hope all your inquiries have been answered and thank you for those who've ordered.

And there will be an update on how the MKD treating me. (Just stay here and read will you..thanks!)

In a meantime; a friend of mine have raised the issues of 'how do you describe when ones life is complete' the other day. It is an interesting subject, it takes me 2 minutes to really shut up and analyze aspects to be considered. (Beleive me, it is hard for me to stay zipped like that for THAT long..)

Let us see.. the way I interpret 'complete' may differ than others; so feel free to leave a comment about this.

'Complete' can be measured in certain aspects of life physically, like

1. One have become someone who one think is important and acknowledgement for one's achivements for example

a. become a mother/wife
b. become someone important (or achieving ambitions)

But for me, maybe the acknowledgement itself come from the other end;

a. being a sister/daughter
b. serving to someone important (regardless highest or lowest position taken)

Once, the aspect have been achieve, there are also other necessities that can be considered as incomplete just not to have it;

a. Needs (Food, shelter, clothes)
b. Wants (Holidays, jewelleries, fast cars)
c. Wants become Needs (telecommunications, transportations, occupations)
d. Emotional needs (to be loved, to love, compassionate, empathy)
e. Believe (God, religion)

I remember when I was about standard two, I think this sort of question being asked from one of my relatives to me; maybe they just want to know my answer. It is not exactly 'complete' but it is just something like 'what makes me happy when I am older and working' and guess what is my answer.

'to get married and be a boss'

Yeah. kid will always say the darnest thing.

Back to the subject, after much arguing and 3 teh tarik and 2 milo ice, after taking many considerations and aspects that have been analyzed;

A complete life is a life spend the most cherishable way; with people we care along that journey and living the life we always wanted and also having all the things and people we like through the end of our life; found solace in practicing religion (being a muslim) and end life with still searching what is 'complete' really means.

Thats it. Maybe it is perfect.

P/S: But I like the one with complete life is a life with complete access to money and spend money and spend money until there are nothing there to spend on but still the money are there, always.

Bliss, eyh? dream on..

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