Tuesday, November 11

Surgically enhanced physical- How much is too much?

As quoted from The Malaysian Women's Weekly

"When a person undergoes surgery that is performed for a problem that doesn't exist or is extremely mild, it becomes more like an obsession. I believe that women should undergo cosmetic surgery for significant cosmetic problems. They should also consult a reputable plastic surgeon so they can be confident of obtaining an expert opinion and skills." -Dr Martin H.

If money is not an objection, maybe I will consider myself to have one. It is against nature if a woman doesn't want to look stunning and perfect. Pressure from surrounding; peers and relatives does relate to be the main reasons.

I am always wanted to have a smooth skin. I used to be the 'apple girl' in a class because of my red cheek; I've pimples all over my face and having a quite fair skin does not really help to conceal it much. I understand people with the desire to undergo certain extreme procedures and throwing money for a treatment that never guarantee; because the self-esteem become lower whenever there's time for the red dot to pop-up and scattered all over.

Time flies; and the red dot gone but there is always an issue about weight; something I dont really take note about as I am slinky slim during schooling years.

I've read about the danger of lipo and diet pills; But, there is a picture that makes me refrain myself..

Jocelyn Wildenstein - the one that had too many..

She is not all-ugly at first, really. Maybe her fed obsession too much even to take a look the inhuman result of it.

Her original 'not-ugly look' back in her teens

See? she's not all ugly, right?

Scary. I cant imagine how a little obsession can do something terrible like this.Think again before you make cosmetic- change decision.

p/s: I am definitely not going to have any short-cuts to achieve my desired goals. Chaiyyyookk.

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