Monday, December 22

Back Sprained? Part I

From last Friday, I've been working very hard to meet my daily goals. I am now a person without an inch stretch of DAILY goals. I have read somewhere that whenever times that we felt a burden of stress and pressured to meet goals that are not achievable; we have to be easy on ourselves and let the times flow on its own.

So, I am taking a step back and planning one after another from now on.

*Gelojoh buat kerja tak ke mana.

Last Friday (19-12-2008) one of my friend have got married. Many of you can say that the timing is not convenience for most of us as it is done during weekdays. There are reasons behind it; and to me as long as now she's happily married and everything now have been settled, are what matters the most.

I wish I could put some pictures here. (My battery went off, as usual.. and I think my other girlfriends still busy holiday-ing thier heart out. *sigh)

Right after the wedding, it supposed to be a teh-tarik meeting for our next year trip. Cical informed that they will meet us at Hartamas Square; which the place we've not been for ages.

A lot of changed except for the girls and the parking problems. Plus, why they are all scattered instead of properly parked? I thought here is the highest population of highly-educated and self-claimed civilised people.

*konfem emo.

Anyway, taken below picture from kematz. (pinjam ok.)

Can you see how Cical do the drink n stare look? Only he can do that. Hehe

The 'meeting' ended around 3-4am and we felt wasted although there are no alcohol intake whatsoever.

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