Sunday, December 14

Long Shout Out.


I felt like ages since my last blog. Not into 'talking-to-myself' mood nowadays. Always have this jittery feel when its post-holiday week. I've taken extra days off to just wind up my ass doing nothing but still felt pretty exhausted.

So.. Let's see.. to refresh what I've been doing (even though maybe none of you interested; its my blog so im going to write it of anyway)

Noted that there are few pictures for some of the events; but I dont have the time yet to upload any of them so next time ye.


Aidil Adha. 8-12-2008 (Monday)
Its been raining heavily all week; and this is the first time all the cows being slaughtered in the rain.


Also the first time I have not manage to have the head; the tongue and the soup is all finished; thanks to concerned gestures of Mike having to send off his friend's sister to KLIA. Its a nice timing for social interaction, Mike. Pity her for having to stay for a short while. and we both pray the best for her brother.

Mama cooked the 'gear box' and some korban leftovers for us and we slept through the entire afternoon (in front of aTV that turned on the entire time) before loitering a while at the mamak nearby.

We go somewhere that evening, but I can't recall where.

Nida's Birthday and Klang search for tyre. 9-12-2008 (Tuesday)
All-day; we've search a sole shop selling tyres used and new ones without purchasing any. It is hot and humid and stuffy and I am hungry and thats not making me less cranky.

In return to my patience, and good manners; we got the new tyres for the less price of used tyres sell earlier.

My mak (mom-in law) said that God wanted to give us something extra, that is why He test us by taking us a longer road to get there.

Sekali aku terkedu da.Hicks*

Nearly flat, my Rafi and I have taken out the white flag to surrender to the bed early, but thinking about Nida melted my tiredness.

We have been friends from primary school to secondary up to now. That something about 10-15 years or more. We know each other inside out from the type of songs we liked to the darkest secrets nobody should know.

So, we dress up and went to the mall to get something for her; by now the phone kept ringing asking us where we were and why arent we there yet.Heesh..

Sara have purposely organise some sort of surprise gathering; a small one, for Nida's birthday. Thanks to all involved, including Ezree who manage to 'tadah telinga' for Nida mumbling away after the thought of fail 'plan'.


Me love you long time, Bebeh.

Cineleisure. 10-12-2008 (Wednesday)
We again went to Damansara to watch a movie. A gesture to pursue Family Welfare institution Campaign into spending some quality time with love ones.

Saw 'Body of Lies'. Nice. But its a bit draggy to the end of the story.

Ikea. 11-12-2008 (Thursday)
Accompanied Wan N in search for the perfect table gift for her reception coming soon. Had a marvelous stuffed glutinous rice ball in soy milk. Oh my, I never look glutinous rice ball the same way again.

Had a pita bread made with soy milk and it is so soft; serve with creamy butter and kaya. Yum!


I am back for work the next day and it is my turn to perform Saturday duty. Spend weekends at In-Law's and entertaining my SIL with her bizarre idea for holidays and food intake. Can't really watch the TV, usually when Im back to BBST, the remote is all mine.

We spend time there a little bit longer than we expected (in Putrajaya Hospital actually, we are all excited to wait for the baby to come out!! As I'm writing this, there are no news yet whether Awul's wife has deliver the baby or not. But we pray for you both..)

Can't wait to see the newly Daddy on the act.


can I have one also?


LeenA said...

can...can...ape plak x can nye...buley jo, ble ko nak...

mazlan said...

aktiviti buat baby je aku suka masalahnye.. hehe