Monday, December 22

Back Sprained? Part II


After the long Friday night; my hubby and I decided to call it off. No outing. The thoughts of cuddling together in front of the TV were hormonial-wrecking.

BUT, being among people that are praised for cleanliness; we decided to do some spring clean around the house. My husband decided to pamper our blackie with a nice warm wash and a slight polish meanwhile I kept myself busy at the back to rearrange the flower and vegetable pots.

We've finished washing up and decided to reward ourselves to be pampered by the TV but then God have other plans for us. Not only that its raining cats and dogs (there's go the polish) its also fussed up the astro connection and we are left with no other choice than climb up to our bunk and sleep.


May tomorrow be a better day.

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