Monday, December 22

Back Sprained? Part III

Time: 9.30am
Mood: Groggy

I think the other night have been very long for us; I think we slept around 3 am. Its about the same time we slept a day before.

My hubby once said that on weekends; whenever we are not back to BBST he would like us to do things that we seldom do together. He asked whether I am fancy to go for a morning walk cum breakfast cum window shopping at Sek. 13 Shah Alam, I immediately say yes. (See, I am NEVER that hard to please, whaatt..)

So, while we're having our eyes glued to the umpteenth bundle stores after a big breakfast of Nasi Lemak Kukus and Ayam goreng berempah..

We saw a figure that are very familiar.

All the way from BBST, my in-laws also decide to have an early 'walk' like us. We decide to tag along and we did enjoy the Agricuture Exhibition held by the Selangor Government. It is overwhelming to see entrepreneurs of all sorts from Bumiputera trying thier best to penetrate the local market.

My hubby, mom-in-law and I decided to take a soak ina fish spa tank. It is cheaper ( RM10 for 15-20 minutes) and its a bit ticklish a few minutes earlier and soon after 5 minutes our feet relaxed and all the fish done a great job toning and scrubing my soles.

It is said to become a remedy for stress and feet flakes problems. I definitely going to do that again soon.

There are 30 or more stalls being held up in this event. We saw a giant chillies, a giant catfish and also saw how to heal people using bekam lintah (leeches). We also collected some freebies and tested a lot of testers.

I pity all those participants; they all said the same thing; that there are no media coverage for this event. Eventhough, there are a lot of people but surely with spreading some news the number can be higher.

*we dont know who to blame.

After a big lunch (Here's go my two weeks diet) we went our seperate ways and as we are about to go back, hubby decided to go to the bank and there is where we met Mike, coincidencely.

We went to SACC Mall for quick drink and chat.

But one things lead to another, we went back to PJ at 9pm after having dinner at Molek, seksyen 7 with Usop Faizal and Mike.

So today and yesterday I experienced a very thumping ache at my high and lower spine; maybe it result from taking too much 'walk' for those 3 days? or am I just creating another reason for me to visit spa to get that massage I've been longing for?

Its all depends on when the salary coming in.

Year end making a headache the best of me. I cant concerntrate so much at work because the mind will be surrounded by those sales and celebrating new year. Isnt it just a wonderful life when there are stress free and everything is freely free?

As if.

My main objectives for today is to get home early, have a nice long bath and put the Freeman Mask I just bought while reading to new Marie Claire mag.



KeMatZ said...

ehhh nyah.. kat ner spa kaki tu... nya.. murah to beb... ni ikan longkang ke apa.... wakakkaka

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

hehe. manade ikan longkang

ikan gurapa. masa pameran pertanian anjuran negeri selangor.

best gak. malagnya tau masa last day. kalau tak mau aku pg dua tiga kali borong bantal kekabu.