Tuesday, December 23

Thank You Bernard!!

See our happy faces..

Mr. Bernard is our loyal library machinery supplier. Often he came in with A4 papers and replenishing charge cards for the students, and everyday we grew fonder and became friends.

He invited us to have a steamboat dinner with us at the Flaming Buffet Restaurant in Sunway. It is located right after the Sunway Lagoon and near the ever-famous-football-freak-port the Restoran Bidara.

Unfortunately, there is a slight technical problem (my maxis broadband amat lembs semalam.. ke laptop aku?) so I will put all the picture later. For your info., this place a vast selection of seafoods, all those fishballs, crabballs, volleyballs, football.. everything!!

Before waiting for Ina and Kecik arrival, Bernard and Rafi was busy warming up by chit chatting as all of the sudden we were approached by a Mat Salleh that seems to be mentally-unfit. He said something about going back to 1969 and pointed his finger down. We are not sure; until now what on earth he wan talking about. its either;

*he pointed out that we are in danger of blowing ourselves up because the gas supply is just below the table;

*or maybe he said something about Bernard smoking without using the ashtray;

*or maybe he fancied our shoes;

*or maybe he just plain bored.

Earlier, Bernard said that the Mat Salleh asking to pay for only a plate of rice. (the restaurant only offer buffet package.)

*konfem tak betul.

Anyway, from my view the restaurant do offer a lot for quite a cheap package price. I will come back again and bring my family and my in laws for a heafty meal they offered and I am sure they will satisfied with a lot of varieties.

There are also ice cream and the main attraction are the choc and orange fountain. I love having a dip or two or more (hehe) into those yummy dark chocolate and orange chocolate with marshmellow.

All in all, the meeting was great. We should do this as an annual event.

-need to take a break for a while-

p/s: Click at the link for more info and reservation.


KeMatZ said...

hemmm nampak macam menarik... adakah ianya semurah Yuen... or Hirotarakmurah.... wakakkaka

Jasfyra said...

weh...cedapnya..apsal tak suh supplier tuh banje aku sekali..kekekek

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Kematz- murah.. per person only RM19.90.

Jasfyra - tunggu die jadik supplier kau dulu ok. hehehe

LeenA said...

knpe jln cte aku x besh mcm jln cte ko?????