Sunday, January 11

Breath in; breath out. Ready; on our marks.


That is the sound of relief when everything major have been done. Now, my partners and I will slowly doing the paperwork, and plus there will be more materials coming in within this week.

Although the process taken our time and not to mention some of our twisted ligaments between those fat became more warmed up as we are seldom done something that acquire our physical strength. I secretly believe that my muscles have built up a bit.

**sexier me for the year 2009?..naahh..

My weekend activities for last week are;

1. Gardening
I am growing fonder to the idea of growing trees and flowers; especially those that can provide food to the kitchen like vegetables and other herbs and spices. It is easy and heart warming to see something so as little as seeds can grow as big as my blackberry tree.

2. Cooking
To those who have known me for ages; they will know that cooking is the least favorite thing for me to do even for myself. But, after a while (becoming a wife, that is) I found that it is easier and fun to do with simple steps and ingredients that are now locked in my mind. I should get an old book to write recipes from now on.

3.Car wash/waxing
Probably it is all started from my husband's interest; and it grew from despise to excite whenever my FIL bought something new from the hardware store; eg. water-jet spray and Black and Decker waxing pack.

4. Technology savvy
Only applied to hand phone and laptop usage. There are so many new things and 'in' right now; and I feel old as I couldn't keep up with all those itsy bit of flattering things. But I have to save my face from my annying brothers that would tease me whenever I ask something stupid for them.

I am going to do my work now. Till then.

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