Tuesday, January 13

Not too late for dreams, am I?

Do you think that sometimes maybe you have asked too much?

For example; when you were stuck with a job that tires and bores you, you will be asking for challenges or at least a little bit of joy here and there. BUT when you actually doing the job that includes challenges that you always wanted and surrounded by happy environment (at least in your circle); you find it rather platonic.

Is it just the human nature for wanting more and differently or is it just a selfish-inner-cry-for-attention me?

Somehow, I have find a way to avoid being melodramatic that is by counting my blessings. A friend thought me to and by doing that I felt more calm and serene.

At least for now.

By the way, I rather not to bore with my daily task and ever-going drama. Today is already the 14th, and it is the middle of the first month of this year.

If time can fly; so it seems to take a full-blast jet this time.

I do not have any intention of persuading dreams or resolutions; right up until last night.

Last night, while whisking my way of entertaining my husband; I have indeed done some serious closet rearranging and I have found that most of my things (be it clothes or handbags or shoes and my scarfs) are in the verge of out-sense of fashion. It is so boring until I think if my wardrobe could speak; it will try to persuade me to throw all away and start fresh. From the look of my belongings, I can say that I am a mixture of everything; from sultry to plain jane.

I would love to have a walk in closet like this.

So, being a materialistic and newly fashion-venture, I would LOVE to have;

1. A pant suits - Grey, Black and Blue

2. More cotton 'Baju Kurung' in all sort of colours

3. More scarfs - with diamante (big or small) in all sort of colours

4. Blouses - should try pink and green as I have too many blacks, whites and browns

5. Jeans - should try extra faded and skinny jeans.

6. Cardigans - in white or black

7. Handbags - 2 small designs

8. Shoes - heels or wedges. Any colour.

One each of these and I will be fine for the whole year. *wink~

and lastly,

A well-toned body to go with any outfits.

**will continue with this berangan session soon.

***picture taken from websites.

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