Tuesday, January 27

Gong Xi in KT

I am too lazy to post up all the pictures.. here is one with us posed before ever-famous Masjid Kristal.

Gong Xi Fatt Chaii..

Happy Chinese New Year.

I celebrated CNY in Kuala Terengganu this year with hubby and parents in law. Objectives; to tighten the bond of the family. And oh, to see what's new with Terengganu nowdays (since the election, that is)

Day 1: Saturday 8-ish am.

Location: BBST.

We've planned to depart earlier, but luck have taken us to step wayyy back and still for there are some malfunctioned error occured. We have our big breakfast at somewhere in Melawati before continuing our journey to Kuala Terengganu.

We arrived at Temerloh during midday (around 2pm) and we had our 'Tempoyak Ikan patin' that my Father In Law have been longing for. From my honest opinion, the things that made the dish ultra-delicous would be the freshness of the fishes. Then again, I am not fully turned on as I just had a big breakfast earlier.

Then, we (no, rafi) drove for another 3-4 hours before arriving in Kemaman, where we stopped to have a snacks of 'keropok lekor' with coconut drinks.

From there, another one a half hours to Kuala Terengganu passing the beautiful scenery of Cherating beach, the ala-Dubai-oil-extractment- process in Kerteh and Dungun. The wether is so hot and my head by this time have been spinning and I am eager to get out of the car.

We finally arrived in Kuala Terengganu around 6.30pm and scawling for hotels. (Yup, we dont consider to book first because we tought there will always be a hotels room for all.) But there is no room available. We finally have a room in Seri Malaysia hotel.

We had our dinner at the nearest stall (by this time, everyone is so tired) and go visit my FIL relatives somewhere in midtown and right after that we gone back to the hotel room and doze off..

and its only like.. 10.00 pm I think? I never went to bed that early.

Day 2: Sunday, 7.00 am

Not only that I and the others slept really early, we rose up quite early and felt hungry immediately. The stalls there open as early as 7 am and lucky for us the stall in Pantai batu Burok (the one that FIL said the most popular) already open and a few people gather there to wait for thier nasi dagang to be tapau-ed.

we had our Nasi dagang but I must say; it is quite tasty. I am then watching for what I ate; because I am the person prone to get a vacation-stomach-ache. After a quick breakfast; we then
begin our shop-hopping.

We stop by to my FIL step-sister's house and after an hour of catching up; they brought us to the Batik maker; where they claim that she will sell a lot more cheaper then pasar payang price. It is nice to see the batik making process; from drawing to waxing to boiling to rinsing.

The prices; although not as high as in pasar payang are still expensive., well.. at least for me.

We visit the 'Taman tamadun Islam' and ever-famous masjid Kristal after making the batik-makers a few hundreds richer. Its new tourist-attraction place and it is suitable for all ages. There a swamp of people flooding the area esspecially the miniture mosques of the world; and the weather showing it is going to rain anytime that very moment.

I wish I could spend more time there; but my parents in law are tired and we all drove back to the hotel to take a nap. later in the evening FIL brought us to a stall near Permai Inn for dinner.

Day 3: 8.00am

We finally had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel's cafe and it is quite good and they served nasi minyak with kari ikan tongkol. As humble as it may seem, but it does makes a lot of different in taste and I am fully contented with the food there. After that,We make another final trip to pasar payang to buy the keropok.

We check out early; and we head off to Marang and spend our lunch time there with FIL's cousins.