Monday, February 2

A mixture of everything is L.I.F.E. *bold.

Its been awhile, I know.

It is some sort of in between crazy/complicated/confuse/unsettled task- type of situations I have to deal here; in a very slow pace.

I am not sure whether that is a bad thing or a good thing.

In a meantime; while February already kick in (where did the January go?...*panic fade) I realize that I have not working towards my goals here; or maybe a fast-paced new year had given me a heavy-lift now.

*Alasan kot.

I have read somewhere (I think in Chics' Blog) one interesting book to be read..

I have read it synopsis; and for me; the idea of sweet gestures leaving us inches from the ground maybe something everyone dream of.

I must have this book.

like I must have this heaven-sent ice cream from Baskin Robbin

I have been meaning to upload some images here (pictures from Kuala Terengganu) but my maxis broadband throw a strike and being a b***h right now; so maybe next time.

My husband and I have been planning for a weekend vacations somewhere in May with some close friends. It is more certain after we have finalized with a confirm flight booking and itinaries-work-in-progress.

Its all we have been talked about ever since; although the vacation will take place another few months.

*Everyone are so excited~~

Sarasota beach bliss maybe? How we wish..

Since I am not paid to blogging 7 hours a day; I should continue with my actual work now.

Have a nice Tuesday (and its Tuesday already! I think I have been living in a twillight time..)


P/S: will be blogging more about KT visit; after the uploading decide not to upset me anymore.

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