Monday, January 19

My cat is Junior.

People say when you actually take care of another live-being; your life will be extend and you will lead a more bless after-life.

But obviously that is not the reason of me having a cat as a pet.

I am Junior.

He have this craze of chasing flies near my sliding doors and we all can hear the 'gedegung gedegang' when he happily catch flies and eat them. But I think Junior only chase a millimeter-size insects as when he saw the mice the other day he panicked and froze up..

He also likes to play with water, unlike any other house cats that are litter-trained; Junior was toilet-trained. He only drinks water from the 'tempayan' (how you say it in english again?) because maybe it is colder.

My husband does not aware of pet existence because his family only pass fishes as a pet. So when he moved in a year ago, he is having some difficulties sharing spaces with feline. Now, he not only help me to clean up his (Junior's) mess; because Junior love to dine on the bathroom mat and not in his given bowl; he feed Junior and pat him too..

*I can say that Junior bond the love of my Hubby and Me..

He will be 3 years old this year and it is equal to 18-21 years old human age. Matured. So, matured enough to actually pour his own friskies.

*wishful thinking.