Wednesday, January 14


Its a tag. Again By Kematz. So without further a due, refer to below.

Senaraikan 10 Perkara orang yang tag Anda ?

10? Why dont you ask for hundreds of millions matters then?How can I list such things when I know that he will read all these?How can I be honest? Hehehehe.. Huh.. *marah plak.

So here goes eyh. This is the person that tag me;

1. I know him from the year 1999 (that will make it .. 10 years? wow..) and he have the weird grin look on his face and I wasn't sure whether he will be a friend or just someone in a same class as mine.But first impression wont last. He is still a good friend and I love hang around with him; doing something or nothing it doesn't really matter.

2. He loves Southpark so much; he have variety of southpark fan-collections and I am sure he have a lot more back home.

3. He loves Coca-Cola (Coke) brand too; he'll jump with joy whenever anybody from overseas could get something there with that particular brand for him.

4. He goes with the name Zam or Zamox. But most of the time we just call each other "Nyah". hehe..

5. He is one of the 'Resident 17'. Most of them are married. When will be yours, Zam?

6. He is a tall, smuggly bear that loves to pranks us with stupid remarks. It will end with his annoying laughter.

7. He is also a fan of Akademi Fantasia Nadia. She is cute..doesnt she?

8. He loves to take pictures and pose for his picture taken. Good combination.

9. He got a black car, staying in a black area, wears casually the color black. So go figure out what his favourite color.

10. He dont read.

Tuliskan Novel Kegemaran Kamu?

This book reminds me my own chaotic family. But not to the extent of murdering someone. Just urges. Read the book; see if we have the same length of entertainment level or am I really that boring?

Listkan 5 benda yang Anda Sayang...?

5 lovely things;

1. my makeups
2. my shoes
3. my handphones
4. my laptop
5. my jeweleries

Sama ada anda akan Tag Orang Lain ?
Can I tag the same person to see what he have to say about me? No?

1. Chics
2. InaEkk
3. Banksy
4. RoseyHoney



KeMatZ said...

thanx sebab sudi menjawab tag saya...

pasal bila nak tamatkan zaman bujang tu.... tunggu ajhe kad... occay...

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

hehehe.. ok ok..