Thursday, March 12

Little Miss Sunshine I am not.

Today is my husband's 27th Birthday.

27 years old. Those numbers that indicate how long have you been breathing the air Allah give for free.

This week is quiet as hectic as a week before. With the visit and a lot of re-documentation to be done, I have lesser time to organize my work properly and result the messy tongkang-pecah look around my table.

I am happy to know some good news evolve around my good friends. May you guys lead a happier life with the path chosen for you!!

I have gone to see the new nursing school in Kota Damansara to plan a mini library there. Overall I can say It is okay, nothing to shout about. We got the whole 4th level for the library.

That is going to take some awful lot of time.

Well, have a lovely weekend.


Jasfyra said...

happy birthday rafi aka hubby ayu :)

mazlan said...

hehe.. tima kasih mummy!