Wednesday, April 8

Different kind of Entertainment

Today, I am happy; in whole abbreviation terms of it.

I haven't felt this kind of feeling for quite sometime now, and its good. I wish this feeling will last long enough.

I wish.

In a meantime, a friend of mine introduce me to poetic music that been brought by indie's. All those group are known and have been in the industry for years now, but without unnecessary exposures from the media for gossip columns, fame are usually far from them.

The emerging of indie music (indie is a short for independent music; that carries a different vibes and personalities that are totally different from the one we have in the market. The artist that carries indie music are more focused on their productions of music itself rather than any market-catcher indicators. They can be freely expressing their thoughts and ideas even provoking matters in politics or environmental issues.

What makes them really special is that they perform, produce and believe in their products.

And most of them are active with NGOs that promote positive-related issues and it definitely gave them an advantage to make a good introduction to potential fans. Believe me some of them are better than our readily recording artist.

I now searching for places to go for a deep/soul healer; in term of touting beautiful words with unfamiliar melody.

A different kind of things can stimulate and refresh our mind.

I believe that.

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