Tuesday, April 7

Thank You Mommy!

Another cutie from Mommy Zura. I'm glad that you like mine as I like yours, sweetie!

Its quite a tiring day for me as we have shifted some library materials to the new library branch.

Somehow even with more works to be done, the motivation still remain numb.

Even with that, the thought of having a long vacation keeps me survive a day after another.

It takes me quiet some time to do the new layout since I am not exactly a web-genius.

It supposed to be a sweet and girlie background but for now this will do just fine, don't you think?

Will be blogging again as soon as I regain my composure.


Jasfyra said...

award yg cute wajib diberi pada blog yg kiut jugak..aku suka background ko yg baru nih

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

tima kasih..

hehe.. tu pun si ina yg tolong.. kalau aku, haram lah nak tau buat semua benda2 ni..