Monday, April 6

IPTA or IPTS (and it always about $$$)

Last night, while I was waiting for a friend to pick us out for a dinner (Thanks kematz, lain kali aku punya turn plak belanja kau ok!), I had a quick chat with my neighbour while handing her buah salak from extended friend.

We talked about a niece of her got into IPTS that offers a great deal of courses that will definitely drain thier money out.It brings me to this matter, why?

The thing is with IPTS, not only it is not funded by the government, also it depends totally on the number of students; as it will effect the whole system.

Without students, IPTS cant gain the MQA Accreditation the very least or else pass. Most of the IPTS that I have known of do not put monetary back up to run its operations and they depend on the fees and other service charges can be paid up by the students.

That is why we can see that a lot of IPTS with a very different standard; totally depends on how much and how big.

I do not resent that IPTA selection for students intake will be much tougher and higher stakes, as it will never seperate the value of education and knowledge receives elsewhere. It will come down to one value-indicator; ourselves.

Do we have been pampered with too many bearucracy favor that we could not care less about the future of our children?

Well, that something to think of during our spare time.


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