Friday, July 17

A motorcyclist from Hell.

On the bright yesterday evening, my friend who is the PA of the CEO of this college; drove along the Puchong highway to enter ELITE highway to go back to her place in .. erk.. Putrajaya(Babe, manela rumah kau? aku lupe..hehe). She was caught in a traffic jammed where her car was beautifully in the middle of many other lanes with drivers who was tired and at that moment stress- fully waiting for the heavy flow to ease out.

A sudden crash nearly gave her a shock as she stood still; trying to sink in the incident. A motorcyclist came in her passenger's side of the car and crash her window and took her handbag.

She felt helpless.

It took minutes for her to realize she have been robbed; and pursuing the suspects in such traffic condition was not really an option. A noble old man with his JKR shirt on came to her rescue.

The moral of the story are;

1. The snatch thief have no moral; and if only they have been caught I rather snatch their balls out back than wasting the government money to lock them up and throw them back on the street again.

2. Please women.. put your handbags or other valuable things away from within reach area. if you must, put your handbags on the floor of the car rather than on the seat. If you have no other option; as many of us women carrying 1k plus or higher worth of handbags, put it besides you on the passenger seat, bring out your valuables and put it in the dashboard. Or maybe just don't carry any.

3. I don't really know what skill they have to identify which is the car with handbags on the seat in one glance? Bomohkah?

But seriously, there are many more incidents like this and these culprits have revolutionized and multiplied their plan of attack. According to one of the policemen, there are reports about a snatch thief pretending someone who is lost; a snatch thief with the disguise of someone knocking your car from side/back and robbed you when you stop and the list can go on and on and on..

There are many ways for them to get that evil plans going. It is up to us to be aware of our surroundings.

4. I thank Allah Almighty that my friend is alright; although she was a litlle bit shocked but she survived. I can not imagine if she have the courage to faught back and got hurt or something.


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