Monday, September 28

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

How your Raya? So far mine is good. This year Aidilfitri is a handful much of activities.

Day 1

Had our Solat Sunat Aidilfitri at Sunway Mosque, which I certainly feel like being in elsewhere but Malaysia. Too many foreigners but one moment caught my attention as I saw a young man sitting on the stairway crying with the background sound of the takbir. I am not so sure the cause of it but two things slip through my mind;

a) Is either he felt touched with the sentiment of Syawal that he couldnt make it to be with his lovedones,


b) He was too overwhelmed by the affectionate scenes showing in front of him; a large group of Nepals, Bangladeshies, Saudis and Nigerian..hugging each other and loitering the compound. I bet he thinks that these people have invaded Sunway on Syawal.. hehe, no?


A day before Raya, we successfully cooked Rendang Tok; what is raya without it. A long 5-6 hours of cooking definitely prizes us with a delicious delicacies.

People start visiting as early as 11.00 am; nearby neighbours and relatives.

Day 2

Went to Muar to spend Raya day with Pak Mud, my mom's younger brother. Apparently all of her siblings went there on that day and it is nice to see all of them together. Managed to give angpau to fellow cousins and niece.

Later that evening, the boys had fun in the swimming pool and played fireworks and later went for a steamy delicious seafood nearby.

Day 3

Off to Melaka to join the rest of Hubby's family for meminang (for Hubby's younger brother..) It was nice to see another extended families and the ceremony went well with no hassle. Love the environment, we spend half the day there before head off back to PJ.

Day 4

Pak Chu and us decided to take a day trip to Ipoh, to visit some relatives there and my grandparents grave. Although we dont have the time to visit each and everyone in Ipoh, but we had fun and for those who have received our im promptu visit we cant thank you all enough.

- Here is the picture of me wearing the scarf I bought from Fara (sorry ye Fetty, lambat.)

Chumel tak? ade lagi..

Abaikan double chin tu..

Cun kan?


Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin..