Sunday, October 11

The will that confused

The Raya fever is gradually over by now; hence the invitations for open- houses have been piling up and booked our weekends. More free foods, more saturated and unsaturated fats that certainly be cosy enough resting in my body without the risk of being melt away. (I am too lazy to exercise, that's why.)

Don't mind yourself to give me words of advice or two, for that I have lost my will.


On the other end of frustration and self-guilt and not to mention being a whine-ass, a ray of sunshine shone as my SIL, Kak Su have presented me a lovely blouse (which I really need seeing that ALL of my other clothes cant seem to fit any longer) and a box of elaborated stationaries in verge of my preparation to continue my study.


I felt loved and cared.

This past few weeks, my mood swing have become more severe and I like to blame the lack of management of mine(or others, I dont know..). High expectatation also have become my strongest enemy as I am forced to live up to it rather than go flowing with my style. All this have resulted constant hostile behaviour and tensed conversations (with my husband.)

I have done some thinking and I THINK I might have some answers;

1. Post PMS symptom - often occured to those with irregular menses, as I just had my period once since September.

2. Bad time management - I am always a puctual person. However, too much things and errands and too little time given have made me tense and a lot of things going on in my mind right now, and I cant flag them high or low priority.

3. I think too much - Too much of 'what ifs' and the full 4W1H questions and trying to come up with various answers have making me want to throw things.

What else? But if I think hard enough, I say that I only have myself to blame. Tell me, how do I cope with myself not being me unless I started to act like one (by being me?)

Haha. I sound like someone who have taken a strong antibiotics for flu.

By the way, I have some new pictures; will upload soon.