Thursday, October 15

Are Va~

How can I ever stand if my father suffucate me like this?

Could a father ever be so overly protective for his daughter? In Papadom. they do. The movie portrays an undivided love of a father to his daughter and through the pressure of granting his late wife's wish.

All I can say is, this is the best movie Afdlin have ever done so far; and I think this genre and it wicked approach of bringing some values through humor is amazing.

I have read through some movie makers interviews and they claims that it is harder to make people laugh than cry. I agree. There are so many types of jokes that are funny but most of them arent funny enough to be presented in a movie.

To that, there are many of trial and error need to be done to understand the crowd wants and certainly this film have been through several research to capture the most audience. I went to one of the cinema to watch the movie; and although it is weekdays it is semi-full house.

Congrats, Afdlin.

and thank you for a great entertainment.

*go to the cinema near you to watch a known love secret between a father to his daughter. You wont regret it.