Friday, December 25

Here comes the New Year..

The termination of my brother's broadband and a bumpy condition of my health have taken a while since the last post. It has been a solid month that I have stayed at home; doing nothing other than nursing my ever expanding body.

Since 2010 would be my year to start back holding a pen for marks rather than for the work to be done; I have take some of necessary plans into actions;

1. Make sure my stationery supplies enough to last me for the whole course.

2. Rehearse on timing for driving through massive jam and be there on time (and safe.)

3. Bought a new broadband for easy access to the bigger world (cater esspecially for completing the assignments; but we know it is actually to release my hunger of technology to keep in touch with friends and such.. hehe)

4. Manage a new life carelessly and freely (I have been granted 18 months of freedom) before taking the responsibility. A Bigger resposibility that is.

We will celebrate our new year soon, and my only wish is that 2010 would offer me much bless and better prospect for all of us.


- Leena - said...

selamat study..........

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

thank you..

Asu said...

Welcome to the club girl..jg lasak2 sgt nti..jaga baby elok2..congrats tau..muahhh

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Asu: thanks..