Friday, January 22

.....and its already end of January?


1. Condolences to Johorian. I am sure all have felt the sorrow. May Allah bless him.

2. I am quite busy with assignments; that seems to be ovulating and multiplying each time I have done one to another. I have missed this feeling; uneasy-ness, restless and the feeling of abandoning everything. But, I have made and still making new friends; young and old and I now look at life from many different perspectives thanks to them. May Allah have mercy and provide me strength to acquire knowledge to be fed to others; Insyaallah..amiin.

3. I am required to go to this motivational workshop end of this month for three days. Can I survive without my husband? Soon we will found out.


I will write more when I have the time. Right now, I need to find source of motivation to keep me accupied to finish up my assignments.

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