Wednesday, March 3

Restoring my weekend.

The first test is finally over. Now that we all can smile naturally again, we are taken aback again with overwhelming amount of assignments. Well, a student have to do, what a student have to do, right?

Last 2 weeks, my weekend were filled 9- 5 with a workshop that at first I thought a complete waste of time. I was wrong. The preservation workshop was kind of fun, because we don't actually have to learn anything, just gaining new experience and sharpened the skills of becoming saintly patience with slow movements and grace of our hands. Delicate paper that most of it aged more than 100 years old, we managed to restore some ( and destroy some of it along the time spend in class, hehe) and the result we can say 'to be proud of'. hehe.. So, anyone to hire a archivist to restore important and damaged documents?

Being enthusiastic and highly-motivated students, my class have decided to prolong the experience by visiting the National Archieve in Jalan Duta. There, we see the advance restoration techniques and I can see that it takes so much effort and skills to complete a task. No wonder they are all highly paid. Plus they got to wear the lab coat.

I am so jealous. It is the nearest occupation to doctor that got to wear the white lab coat. Heh.

So, since I have devoted 2 of my weekends in a lab, I think (no, I MUST) deserve myself a treat. Being it good food, a new pants ( normal pants cant fit my growing belly) or a good cuddle.

A good cuddle would be nice.

Wouldnt it, Sai?


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