Thursday, April 8

The day the social life ends.

I have already left behind in my social circle of friends nowadays. The classes, the assignments, the extra- office works.. I am almost forgot that in my condition, I have to take it slow.

But, this was I signed up for. Any collateral damage that about to happen, or already happened, or going to is within my agreement in the contract.

I am not be able to write for leisure since March, the month of my hubby's and my birthdays. Hubby managed to pull some surprise party; But I on the other hand have to canceled his surprise party due to some reason. But, hey.. at least we have fun on mine.

There already have been a few presentations; and Alhamdulillah so far my group members and me can manage it very well.

Went to see a movie; KL-Drift. Haha. yeah, tell me about it. Sahizie Sam is the reason.

This weekend will be my bro-in-law wedding and solemnization; the last one in the family. It will be held in Melaka and we will be going there tommorow Insyaallah.

P/S: To all my friends, I am so sorry not having to have time to loitering like before. Just wait until my finals. Then we go round2 KL and play arcade game at Sogo ok?

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