Thursday, April 29

One semester down, two more to go..

Wow.. it has been months since I can actually sit still in front of the laptop doing anything else than coursework and assignments. It is such a relief to have all this time flying by without worrying for any datelines and follow-up calls.


I now longing for a weekend getaway; seeing that my hubby cannot take a weekdays off.. Just want to swing to nearby place(s) and just to put my feet up and enjoy the company. Hmm.. wish that will happen soon.

A family gathering is on its way.. actually it is more like a family holiday rather than gathering; and it is scheduled sometime end of this year.

The thought of it makes me beaming with anxiety the whole day.. hehe..

I also have to start shopping for necessities for welcoming the new member of the family; but I dont really know where to start. Plus, I am saving up for buying that extra special things for this precious one.

But then again, all this thought have made me deeper into the uncertainties, possibilities of numerous doubts that often occur in my mind and makes me jittery all the way.. How to overcome it?

I hope this break will brings me the solace and peace of mind Im looking for.