Thursday, May 20

29 weeks and counting..

Being pregnant, I noticed that it is not always floating on a cloud nine. The first trimester, I have been through a very rough evening/morning sickness and what with coping a life changing schedule at that time. I still remember how difficult to drag myself to even attend classes; let alone sitting in front of the laptop doing assessments and what not. I thought for pregnancy people, for those that perky always and perform the best; why am I not one of them?

I used to blame it to myself, the laziness and giving up, the slow pace of comprehensions and feedback. Friends, families and husband tend to reach out and try to boost the motivation, but to no avail. It just that for many days I tend to think that I have redirected my dream, I have thoughts of bailing out; such an irony as this is what I have been wanting all my life. Until one day I have fed up complaining and just go with the flow; despite doing it with a very heavy heart.

I am surely enough I made it through this semester.

I just cant describe the feeling of submitting the last paper and have a prolong weeks of break. Now, I can adjust myself and getting ready, something that I have delaying to do because of it is sort of unexpected; and occasionally I still have that twirling feeling in my stomach that churned on and off, as it is a very big responsibility awaits.

Still until now, I ponder with such confusion wether I have any cravings, or any food temptation. I am not a fussy eater, only that I dislike consuming red meat; hence before I got pregnant. I got a few pregnant classmates and friends, and they all experienced different cravings at different stages.

Being 29 weeks; I left with another 11 weeks before my due date is up. I barely wonder whats going to be like; as it terrified me the most on what will happen when my due date is up.

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