Wednesday, June 16

Ole - Ole or Waka-waka

1. World Cup Fever

I am thanking God that my husband is not a fanatic to a football game. Although once in a blue moon he will check the internet for the latest leagues result or whatever.

I used to be forced to watched every game during world cup during donkey years and although I don't really understand the game ( a bunch of hot hunks with nice buttocks chasing for a ball) I found it interesting and overwhelmed with anxiety when the side we choose actually won.

The theme song for this WC is quite catchy and makes the guy drooling over Shakira's-shaking-it-all-about. hehe..

2. 32 weeks

Owh, the baby is kicking vigorously while I am typing this. Hehe.

So far, I haven't missed any check up and according to the doctor I am OK and the baby is doing great. Now that the doctor have confirmed the gender, I could get something for the baby in that particular color.. although I am sooooo tempted to buy as much, but hubby and the rest of the families said it is too soon.

Owh well, maybe later.

Now that I am in my last trimester, I am overwhelmed with a variety of feelings.. am I ready? how its gonna be like? What do I have to face? What kind of challenges? Am I going it through alone? and alive?

Many of my friends and families gave advices that only makes me confuse as ever.

Well, I think this is how the newly mom felt.

Now that I am big as a whale, with matching accessories of skin blotchiness, rashes, cellulite and stretch marks, I really do hope the person inside of my will turn out fine.

and thats why I never posted the latest picture of mua. I am too embarrassed.

If this post will be the last post and next will be my encounter experience with the stirrups, Do forgive all my wrong doings and pray for me and the baby.

I need all of your blessings and prayers.

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