Monday, June 28

Berangan Time!

There are three things that I wish I have done it sooner; or atleast before the delivery.

1. I want to have a belly-casting section. You know, the one that you mould your tummy and turn it into an art piece and hang it proudly so that it can be a sentimental piece of rememberance. But it is too expensive (and messy) to do.

2. Do the daily- journal of the journey of pregnancy; but there are too many preggers blog with much more exciting and coherent input; plus earlier I have difficulty of accepting that I am an embryo-carrier; scares me. So that too went into the drain.

3. I love watching preggers photos; esspecially if they are from all walks of life; not the typical expecting-model we see on TV or in the magazine. It seems real to have people who are beautiful and confident; that have thier real jobs and real obstacles during 40-weeks of god-work in progress. This too, I thought will be go down the drain but a good friend of mine; a newly photographer, have asked me to be the art object of the day.. its FOC, how can I say no to that? hehe..

Credit to the photographer..

I will continue talk about this later.. For now, I need to focus on my memory; where did I put my matrix card??


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Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

thanks.. pandai mally tangkap. credit to him..