Wednesday, June 23

Oil-ed that skin..

Next week is my third last follow up, before my EDD. I am getting nervous every minutes of the day..

I wonder how can I be a good mom whereas in nature I am wee bit carefree-like?

In my 34 weeks, I am getting strecth marks that increasingly noticeable. Thanks to Bio-Oil, I can prevent myself the urge to scratch my tummy whenever the itch comes. My MIL bought me the first bottle when I am 4 months pregnant, and now I am starting my second bottle. It is cost saving solutions for those who cant afford to splurge on Alemis, Pornton and other expensive massage oil and do works wonders too..

The most itchy part of my body is the scar I got during my laproscopic appendix extraction, 2 years earlier. Eventhough it just a tiny 2 cm scar, it does get me crazy as the skin expands and thighten the area.

A this stage of pregnancy, I am eager for the moment to comes where all of these will end.

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