Thursday, October 7

Multi the word.

Have you wonder the amount of strength and motivations once have to multitask?

I have chosen not to bother about this earlier during my donkey years, but now I am somehow forced to re-assess myself, seeing that I have my daughter to be responsible to. It is different if I am working and a mother than studying and being a mother.

When working, all that we need to worry about is to submit to the tasks given to you. After praising the ass to who you need to praise, you can come back home and be a mother and this will start all over again the day after and another, unless our priorities have change or you are longing for a raise or promotion.

While studying, eventhough you are not bound with the 9-5 time, we still need to organize the time on our own; which always fail as there will always be a milk to be fed and diapers to change.

While at this, I am assure that I am not regretting any of the life changes around me. It does make me loose my mind at first but as soon as I got the momentum, everything flows easily.

Now that I am in my last month of this semester, the assignments and tests are pilling up, surely the demand from my daughter are increasing, I hope that i will cope with all this madness swiftly as the air goes by.


Wan said...

yeke busy..sempat je update blog...

Nama Saya Hanee :-) said...

i know u can do it gurl!! aku kenal ko dari dulu lagi...dimana ko adalah seorang yang gagah, rajin, optimistic dan gediks... hahha...
Anyway, anak ko sgt cumil....rasa nak makan...BOleh?

Mazwani 'Nafty' Ayu Binti Mazlan said...

Wan: selit2 bolehkan aje.. hehehe

hanee@pet: hahahaha.. tepat sekali.. err nak makan anak aku? tak boleh la pet.. makan je la nasik... lebih mengenyangkan..:)