Monday, October 18

October fest

As im writing this, I am determined to understand the concept of SECI Model, by Nonaka & Takeuchi. I am going to sit for KM exam tonight, hence the irrelevancy of this entry.

There are few things lingering on my mind;

1. The new budget presented by the govt said it 'contributed on the ppl beneficial and walfare'.. Some of it true, i guess. Heck, the hp's price will be down approx. RM100 next year. Plus, there are chances people like me (that have below RM3k income per month) to acquire a house loan deposit-free, which is a good move for both the banking industry, housing property industry plus the receiving end, customers aka the people. I hope it will do us all good.

2. Nothing really matters rather than finishing projects documentation and sit for exams.

3. Ayra is growing healthy and happy. I am impressed with myself( and the help of my mom) to raise a living cutest creature so far with minor mishaps. Good jooobbbb!!

4. Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary. Like.. already?? I wish we could live together as a happy, healthy and Insyaallah, a prosperous family forever and ever..

5. ANd.. I wish to have lots and lots and lotssss of money now to buy all the cutest dresses for Ayra a for now I am nurturing my wants just a little bit more. hehe

thank you for reading this pointless entry.

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Wan said...

heheh..dah byk baju pon nak beli lagi..