Tuesday, July 12

Toilet thinker or toilet reader

This entry contains some irrelevant info that may cause reader nausea implication

Are you a toilet thinker, or reader? I dont know whether it is just me or anybody else but for as long as I can remember, I have been a proud toilet reader. It is just give me the liberty of freedom, free of anything else other than the business that have been done and a book to buried into. In my case, I always have some reading materials in the loo; be in a newspapers, a catalogue from the postbox, phamplets from the shopping malls. If i have to go and there is no reading material around, I will start reading any packaging info of any detergent, shampoos, bathgel whatsoever as long as I can read something.

Is it a sickness? I dont think so. By nature, I am a restless person. I need to be doing something to content the timeframe if not I will .. I dont know, I never had one moment where I havent doing something. By this including sleeping and eating and watching tv..hehehe

I thought that I will change as soon as I get married, but its a habit that hard to break. It is handy though, because I bring all the notes for all my exams (sorry for those that have been loaning my notes, now you know why there are water stains , haha) and maybe that is my escape time from the world.

Since now my husband and I are actively looking for our own home, this particular area is very crucial for me. I need a bigger space in the toilet as I love it to be my own private area.

Room for mags and books like this would be enough to makes me happy..


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