Sunday, January 6

A little newyear wishlist, I supposed.



Its already 2013. I am so happy and glad that I am still alive, today. I lost my 'voice' for blogging quite sometime now, but I learn that I behave normally insane and keeping my humor through things that I write, although I have no readers (i think). So, yeah maybe that can be my new year resolution for this year..to blog-raphy myself.

So, the 2013 list, so that I can have more holistic view on it..

1. To live life like a true Muslim. I beg myself this year not to miss any solat, fasting and sedekah more.

2. To love compassionately to everyone around me. And not to hold any grudges, sometime we just have to accept that people are different.. and naturally annoying.

3. To do work diligently and full-downheartedly.

4. To be happy. Sometime life can be so hard, that when we fail to see the good part of it, we would drown in our own misconception. So, yeah I want to think less about the world's problem and enjoy life more..

5. To live healthy. Does not mean I want to get thin as a stick, but shedding a few kilos wont kill. :) Eat profoundly, and go easy on sugar/salt/preservatives/chemicals/etc..

6. To keep all of my friends.

7. To be kind with animals. Except insects. that bite. or the one that eat furniture.

8.  To cherish my features before reaching those serum, lifters, enhancers and whatnot because life is that short.

9.  To finish what I have started. Projects, research, and dreams.

10. To still have a minute of two to write, it seems helping on my stress of overload assessment that I put off a while.

Oh, I have 2 more piles to go,

See you soon!


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