Monday, January 7


Ok, quick update. Yesterday is my pre-melt down day. I dont know why and how can I get so stressful, but it was beyond repair. So I hope today stores a wee bit excitement for me.

Work that have been piled up, what with the markings and other errands that I am not so sure why it has to be done. I become this person that accept assessment from others because of the mere need of it. Well, as long as it does not consume me, so what's the harm?

I used to think and feel that I would suffocate myself with frustration and cry myself in the toilet, with all the pressures and expectations but hey, I am tougher than I thought I would. :)

Just keep the humor going. That's my secret.

Although I love the fact that writing or typing here makes me feel better (heck, Im smiling now I dont know why?) but I still have some marking to do. Maybe next time I will update on something more bimbo-ish.

You would like that, wouldnt you?


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